Security Monitoring and Reporting

Over the past decade, majority of the industry verticals experienced various security threats with various magnitudes. IT is evident that no matter if we adopt new technologies, we bound to have vulnerabilities and security threats. This fact drives the need of continuous monitoring of all critical components of IT Infrastructure for possible vulnerabilities and compromises. We at 4K Technologies achieve this with Security Monitoring and Reporting.

In this service segment our Security consultants identify and monitor all critical components of the customer’s IT infrastructure Logs on 24*7. The logs shall be compiled to derive meaningful outcomes to arrive at possible threats that the organization’s may experience and reports the identified incidents with priority and severity classifications. This benefits the customer’s to understand their current security threats from IT Infrastructure.

Our team deploys required set of tools to capture necessary logs to identify the threats. This service essentially covers the below

  • Security Monitoring
  • Incident Response
  • Patch Management Process
  • VAPT

Network Perimeter Security

The Internet is an open unbounded environment. With all the best efforts of hardening the internal devices, one can’t guarantee that a system connected to internet is safeguarded from external threats. Network perimeter devices such as Routers/ Firewalls must be adequately configured to protect the organization’s IT Infrastructure from external threats such as Hacking, DDOS attacks, SPAM, malwares, viruses etc. These threats severe and may lead to significant business impact includes financial loss or organization’s reputation loss.

At da4K Technologies, our firewalls/ UTM experts are specialized in designing robust Policy framework, which can be translated in to the configurations. Configuring the devices and fine-tuning them requires in-depth understanding of organization’s security requirements. Our consultants possess the skills to gather the business need and transform that to IT security requirements.

We provide comprehensive firewall auditing service that highlights and provides remediation to the vulnerabilities, configuration gaps that exist on the firewalls.

End Point Security

Corporate highways these days are more open. Organizations have become dynamic in adopting new technologies and new operating systems. It is necessary to study and understand possible vulnerabilities exists on these platforms and it is essential to fix them as necessary to prevent internal or external exploits. While the Network Perimeter Devices provides protection against external threats, it is essential to safeguard internal devices such as desktops, laptops, printers, scanners etc.

Da4K Technologies provides End Point Security Service that essentially address the security loopholes exists on the end points. We use set of tools to scan the endpoints to understand the level of current security posture and will provide recommendations to improve the compliance score. As part of vulnerability Assessment (VA) service, da4K technologies provides comprehensive reports on vulnerabilities and mitigation plan.

Antivirus Management (AV) is integral part of endpoint security. With this our security engineers ensures that the endpoints are updated with latest definition/ signature files from respective Antivirus providers. Our regular study in latest threats and exploits happening in the market, enables us to provide faster response to the zero day vulnerabilities.

Its the age of BYOD! da4K Tech specializes in this niche and fascinating domain which mixes end user comfortability to complete his/her responsibility without compromising the integrity of the enterprise. da4K Tech helps by designing the best in class secured BYOD, Remote working solutions and help deploy cost effective security solutions.

Network Security

Every network resource is precious and effective and optimal usage leads to minimal investments and maximum returns. This is only possible when in the best in class policies designed for optimal usage.

Two folds of security one should be thinking of while planning Network security. Security of the network devices and the data flowing through the network devices. There has to be a robust security framework with required policies and procedures to control the access to the network devices and data. Network security involves the authorization of access to data in a network, which is controlled by the network administrator. Talk to da4KTech team on how to make your network more reliable and better.

VA PT(Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing)

Based on the principles of security which say Secure —> Monitor —> Evaluate —> improvise, da4KTech believes in periodic health checks for its clientele. Our team of security experts who holds decades of experience in various levels of audit requirements plan, prepare and execute effective Vulnerability Assessments for organizations of any size of domain.

Our reports are completely lucid, yet comprehensive. As a post health check process we help design and implement various technical/logistical processes and protocols to ensure better safety and compliance. da4K Technologies provides VAPT services to baseline the security posture and thus plans for improvements. This customized service will provide necessary recommendations to improve organization’s security.

Our skilled engineers use various tools to assess and identify threats & vulnerabilities in your IT Infrastructure. A group of domain experts, as needed shall be engaged to analyze the threats and to design the control.